Katioucha Zakhanevitch

Access Bars® Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Energetic (linguistic) facilitation

For more than 10 years, I've been coaching people in private and in business using my background training with Bob Proctor (The Secret) and Anthony Robbins. I then discovered and embraced the Access Consciousness® tools, created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, for more ease and joy in all the areas of your life... I keep being amazed by the potency and simplicity of these tools ! It is a continuing renewed joy to share those with whoever is willing to receive them !

What people say about my facilitation...

"I have chosen a facilitation with Katioucha Zakhanevitch today around languages! What a joy! Besides the fact that I was fried after 10 minutes, exploring all those spaces brought so much joy, lightness, expansion and possibilities in my life, not only with English ! ;-)) It was powerful, joyous... How could you not choose this too? 😉 #êtreinfiniauxcapacitéslinguistiquesinfinies💫 " - Jennifer H.


"Thank you Katioucha! In one single web conference, I was able to go beyond my limitations in English. Since then, it is much more fluent and light for me!!! And all that in joy, humour and benevolence!!! How does it get any better??? - Katell L.


I had invested in myself by making an appointment on Zoom with you, wonderful Katioucha, and I'm infinitely grateful for it!

This one hour session was originally intended to facilitate my English and translation skills, but it went so much deeper than that! I was able to reconnect to my abilities in so many areas! And huge thank you for your contribution about the more personal matters we touched! So much change since then! And so many new choices creating even MORE in my life! - Anaïs C.


"I am so in love with the Joy of language which Katioucha has and is. Her ability to tap into the energy and use language to express even the most subtle nuances delights and invites us all to more. Universe more please, more!" - Kass Thomas